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Core Value ~ Breathe Free

The HealthKare Team is assembled with the professionals coming from various fields, and focuses on producing and marketing of medical instruments and products.We are capable on 「Research & Development」,「Production」,「Creation」 & 「International Sales」.

Our Logo ~ HealthKare, Health-Keeping by care
Our Civilization ~ Integrity, sureness, adaptability
Our Goal ~ To help people preserve self-capability and take good care of their health

Meaning of Healthkare
Because of the business for medical care devices is progressing at tremendous pace and it requires strict quality control and high standards of professionalism, there are realistic limitations and risks in managing technical manpower and raising funds. The way how to combine ancient intelligence and experience of healthcare with latest industrial technique and how to overcome the barriers of traditional products would be the practical method to do business on the field of medical care in Taiwan.
President Ma Ying-Jeou commended Tomson Lee for the device applying 「Aerosol Purging-Mist Method」.

Tomson Lee, the advocator of 「Aerosol Purging-Mist Method」, was inspired by an encouraging phase of Buddhism -「Free mind and comfortable body」 for exploring and deliberating the habits of human daily healthcare. Under all factors are allowed and with the constant efforts of our professionals, the first device for personal healthcare,「Aerosol Purging-Mist Mode」 Nasal irrigator/Aspirator (Non Water-choking) was launched on the market in 2009.

We strongly believe that

  • Born to breathe free.
  • Owning health is based on keeping clean on every portion of human body.
  • Preventing beforehand is the best way to keep away from disease.