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Nasal Cleansing

Chinese Taoists and India Yogis promote the concept of 『cleansing nose』. Inhaling the clean water into nasal cavity and then spitting it out from mouth helps people feel well, think clearly, breathe smoothly, sleep easily, and further tranquilize their minds.

From the viewpoint of current medicine, purging mist of glob or mild warm salt water not only can flush away the snot, bacteria and allergen, but also can moisten the mucosa in nasal cavity to activate the locomotion of cilia. Keeping the mucosa humid would restore the locomotion of the cilia on the mucosa, which would relieve the syndromes of common cold and flu., allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, mouth odor, post-nasal drip etc. Nasal cleansing is helpful for recovering the function of cilia and cilia can promote the removing of the blood clots for patients who have done surgery on the head and neck, or have done radioactive treatment or chemotherapy for cancers of the head and neck (such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, NPC).

Why “cleansing nasal cavity, eyes & throat” has not been a habit in our daily life?

  • We do not pay attention on the serious problem of air pollution
  • There have not been a larger scale of advocate of encouraging daily nasal cleansing in medical field. People have not been used to cleanse nasal cavity since childhood.
  • It is a habit for healthcare but not a treatment for disease. It is difficult for people to understand the urgency of this habit.
  • Nasal congestion, running nose and sneezing are not fatal and cause only slight pain.
  • There is no convenient appliance or easy way to do it.
  • Conventional appliance gives users impressions as followings:
    • Fear of water-choking & nausea
    • Children and elders can not easily operate the appliance without constant practicing.
    • Water-choking & nausea easily occur in the special condition when users have nasal congestion or mucosa swelling.
    • If user blows the nose during cleansing process, it easily induce tympanitis or uncomfortable tears shedding.
    • Conventional way of infusing water into nasal cavity (left in right out, or right in left out) can not deeply reach and cleanse the nasopharynx.
    • Salt water or cleansing solution for conventional appliance costs higher and the preparation is complicated.
The prerequisite for nasal cleansing
  • Natural & Easy
  • Convenient & Auto Appliance
  • Comfortable Cleansing
  • Economic & Effective
  • Can be easily operated by children or elder

「Aerosol Purging-Mist Mode」multifunction cleansing system has above-mentioned features, can overcome all the defects of conventional method and strongly favor the daily healthcare for people.

Mechanism of Purging Mist

「Aerosol purging-mist method」 is applicable for personal daily healthcare in cleansing nose, eyes and throat. By pneumatic jet power, the special designed nozzle nebulizes the cleansing solution into tiny particles of glob that would easily wipe and cleanse tiny dirty particles clutched by the mucosa. The major advantages of 「Aerosol purging-mist method」 include robust pneumatic power, large volume of spray mist, and non-pushing pressure. Don’t need to worry about the pressure and water-choking caused by a large flow of saline solution infusing into trachea.