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Aerosol Purging-Mist Method

Operation Principles
“Aerosol purging method” is applicable for personal daily healthcare in cleansing nose, pharynx, and throat.By pneumatic jet power, the special designed nozzle nebulizes the cleansing solution into tiny particles of glob that would easily wipe and cleanse tiny dirty particles clutched by the mucosa.The major advantages of “Aerosol purging-mist method” include robust pneumatic power, large volume of spray mist, and non-pushing pressure . Don’t need to worry about the pressure and water-choking causing by a large flow of saline solution infusing into trachea.



  • It may relieve the syndromes of nose, pharynx and throat resulted by infection, allergy, or pollution of environment etc.
  • It may achieve the fully clean and care on nose, pharynx and throat and restore the self-cleansing function of nose, eyes and throat.
  • Adding with the prescription of professional doctor could elevate the effectiveness of therapy.

Cleansing Procedures

  • Breathe normally with nose during cleansing process.
  • Open mouth, stretch the neck and slightly lie your head behind
  • To approach the「mist nozzle」to 0.5-1cm in front of your nostrils
  • To press "Orifice for mist operating valve" by single finger and start the cleansing work.
  • Each cleansing process needs 20ml special nasal cleansing solution or normal saline solution.
Video for Aerosol Purging-Mist Method