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Co-Care Nasal Irrigator and Aspirator (Wristlet Type)

Features :

  • The function is working by Aerosol purging-mist mode.
  • The special designed angle of elevation of mist nozzle will prevent water-choking and smooth the mist cleansing the nasal cavity/sinus.
  • Unique design of wristlet type.
  • Compact, efficiency, and don’t need to be held by hand, easy operating.
  • Built-in powerful micro air pump provides high air pressure but low-sound energy on mist nozzle to take good care of your nose and upper respiratory tract.
  • Both alkaline battery and AC/DC power adaptor are applicable.
  • Besides the tubing, the other components & accessories can be sterilized by boiled water. Replacing the tubing every 3-6 months is a suggestion.
  • Unique “perfume/filter box ” would let saline solution be nebulized with aroma, and help do nasal SPA with fragrance while cleansing the nose.
  • Assembling with optional components, Co-Care can do throat-rinsing as well.

Power Supply and Battery Replacing :

  • The power supply is multi choice with alkaline battery or AD/DC power adaptor, which provides convenience on wherever you can use the device.
  • Using battery: When power of battery is failure, please open the lid of battery chamber by the indication of arrow and replace the battery by indicated (+) & (-) on battery chamber then cover the lid again.
  • Using adaptor: Plug one end of Co-Care multi-voltage AC/DC power adapter into the power receptacle at home , and the other end of adapter into the power receptacle of Co-Care.

Safety Regulations :

  • America FDA Class I approval
  • European Unit 93/42/EEC, CE Class IIa approval
  • Taiwan Healthy ministry Class I approval

Optional Components :

    Note: The standard componets are subject to the contents of package box.
  • Throat/pharynx irrigator: For relieving the itching and pain feeling on throat with gentle mist. The mist can reach the fauces by jet power.Such irrigation can promote the sputum to be expectorated out.

Instructional Manual :

Instructional Video: